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India momentum session at Taj ambassador

I delivered a session (2 hrs.) yesterday at Taj ambassador hotel, for the India Momentum Program.


The Program targets the enterprise customers, and is trying to penetrate into the enterprisem for letting them know about the capabilities and the functionailites that windows vista, and office 2007 offers.


I was accompanied by Dhaval chandra (Our Business development manager), and Mr. Tarun Anand (My Boss), and Mr. Govind Shekharan (Tech. consultant at tpf).


Tarun Sir, and Govind delivered a session on office 2007, and i delivered the windows Vista part.


alas, My Vista just couldn't get connected to the Projector, and i thought that i might not be able to show the demos (especially the CRIS demo), but once everybody seem toget ready for a personal show of the demos, i just swept them off their feets......i promise i had to find a way out for these logistics problems.


I see a lot of people are worried about the Business Desktop deployment, i'll surely go through it once i have some time from the cRIS thing.


Apart i am starting the VistaEvangelism.Com very soon....I am sorry i couldn't go to the meeting today, as i am frail...


PS - they made a video for my presentation, i'll give a link when i have it with me.






Dad Got Retired

My Dad (Mr. V.P Singh) got retired from Kendriya Bhandar ( A Co-operative dept. estd. by Govt. Of India in 1960's), on dated 31st Of August.


I took an off from work to accompany him on his last visit to the office.


we reached there at about 2 PM, everybody was there, all the old time frnds,his boss,and relatives as well. I was wondering my Dad will really feel very disturbed, but he was indeed feeling good about all this....he only talked with me once during whole day and said "watch this all with your whole concentration, we should feel good when we are getting love from people no matter at what cost....if it's my Retirement that could bring my loved ones at one place, i should go throught it gracefully. Some day you are going to need me, and i was preparing for it, now it's the time that your businesses need me, and i am available to you all".


I am going to count his achievements with us and his dept.


1. He married a good Lady "My MOM"

2. He took care of his DAD very well, though we couldn't share much time together "He died in 1985".

3. He was the only employee ever to join KB directly as Incharge of the Store.

4. He saved KB from getting dissolved, talked with the then President of India Mr. Gyani Jail singh, and convinced him that the dept. would not only take care of its own, but will also give the share from profit as well.
5. He was the first union leader, who pushed the KB officials to arrange the clothes for Junior officers 'They still get one suit length every year'.

6.  He initiated a new section "stationary and computers" and made the business of 100 Cr. in one year, which was alone equal to the total income of KB, got appreciated by Govt. Of India for his management capabilities.

7. He's the one for whom people at KB think that "you can send him anywhere, he manges so well that even a dull store with the sale of Rs. 15 thousand Per month can jump to 60 th. Per day".


I Love you DAD, and I promise i'll always obey and take good care of you and my mom.


Thanks for everything



Webcast session at Microsoft

Hi Friends,

                Last week was hectic, as well exciting, i was suppose to deliver some 5 webcasts, "All about WPF" at Microsoft, With Tarun Sir, and know what, he just couldn't turn up for anyone of them, so i was having a chance to go forward and prove my skills...


The details, and On demand webcast is available at


I'll improve this post later, with ppt's and code demo links...but this is just like keeping a log.....





Vista Beta2 installed, with AERO effects

Today morning Boss delivered me the Vista Beta2 DVD, and asked me to get my hands dirty with this, i was struggling with Vista March CTP since 3-4 months, and was never been able to get the AERO installed, not even on my new Lenovo Laptop, we invested a lot on this laptop.


It'a a cool machine (vista rates is No. 1), Lenovo 3000 N 100, with 1 GB RAM, and intel Centrino Duo processor, I tried a lot of hacks but i just cud never crack it...


Today everything just went fine.... The Voyage Milestones


1. I already had Vista Over Vista, so deleting the windows.old dir. was oooooof! so i just found a hack...


restart Vista 
at the boot screen hit the <f8> key 
boot into "safe mode with command prompt" 
rename windows.old to windows.old1 

use the following command to delete the folder and it's contents 

del windows.old1\*.* /F /S /Q 

/F : force delete on read-only files 
/S : include subfolders 
/Q : suppress confirmation prompts 

2. Started installation of Vista.


3. when Vista is installed, go to Control Panel -> System, and try updating the Graphic Driver, Select "Let me browse my cmputer", and then select "Let me choose from the drivers" remove the check from "Show compatible", and select "Lakeport drivers" from Intel driver's list.


restart the system.


Then when sys. is restarted go to themes, and change the theme to AERO.....


Who aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ooooooooowwwwwww


i am attaching the pics also 








Windows Vista Pres. at Vertex, Gurgaon

we presented at Vertex technologies, gurgaon...


This time, i just didn't used the ppt, and we (me, and Tarun) talked with demos only, all in all this one was pretty cool presentation..


I always have lack of words while talking... and i am tryin to improve myself with it...

watching a lot of Don Box Videos to improve my talking style...


MS is giving away a set of MUG (with office 2007 logo) ,and a cool small drinking bottle (With Windows Vista logo)...they are really coool, i got a pair for Vandana also, she was delighted to have them...


But, Man ..... Saurav did his pres. (Office 2007)  like a GOD, i must say he was perfect with everything, i m trying to create my own style......





WPF Webcast at Microsoft


     I am just coming back from the WPF webcast session ( from the Microsoft, all in all it was hectic to setup my lappy in the netwrok, so i decided to give the presentation by ppt only; and i miss giving the demos to the dear audience.


Tarun, started the presentation, and we ended on a +ve note that we r coming with a new series of WPF webcasts for a week, and got a positive nod from the managers also.


Here i am providing the temp. link of my ppt's, and some demo.



Follow the link and download the ppt.


Please let me know, if you have any questions, or difficulties downloading it.


Thanks guys






WinFX Renamed to .net Framework 3.0

The First email, that i got today from Microsoft, said this............whhhhhhhhaaaaattttt?


"WinFx is renamed as .Net Framework 3.0, and InfoCard is renamed as CardSpace", i am not against renaming, and Somesagar judges the point of renaming well, but don't you think that it's too fast of we to develop so many frameworks one by one, when did developers get a breath, to stay still and say 'Ok i am pretty done with this tech."


first Ms launched 1.0, then 1.1, then 2.0, and now 3.0, 3.0 is built over the top of 2.0, and obviously stands a chance to be called a new framework, but it's too early, first MS should freeze the Vista, and then it should quote onto the new framework for it.



Never Mind, guys, that's the life of a developer, keep studying.........






My Session at MICROSOFT

Last Month i was at MICROSOFT, Delhi, Presenting a session of One Day on Windows Vista (Windows Presentation Foundation exactly :))


The Session was cool, and i am hereby providing the pics of my great audience, you guys were really supportive





I'll surely put up a post, regarding who is who, once i got to know all of them, by name, and by personality.








refer to a namespace in XAML


    I have been through many problems while mapping a namespaces to a prefix, so that it culd be used in XAML, i figured out how to do it properly, and here is what i found.


Some tips -


1. do not depend upon "Local" keyword, each book, blog discusses mapping with the same leading you to the confusion.


so there are basically two styles to map to a namespace



   <?Mapping XmlNamespace="<The XAML name for this namespace>" ClrNamespace="<the name of actual clr namesapce>" ?>


then you can provide the prefix



     xmlns:my="<the XAML name for the namespace>"


For ex.

    <?Mapping XmlNamespace="myapp" ClrNamespace="Lap" ?>
<Window xmlns=""


and to refer to an object of a class under this namespace u'll write somewhat like this


<DataTemplate DataType="{x:Type my:Patient}">


here datatemplate is nothing but  a template for listbox, for which the datatype is an object of a Class Patient; it's nothing but difining the binding, anyways, we ain't discussing binding here.


2. Shortcut method to refer to CLRnamespace, and provide the prefic at the same place


   xmlns:my = "clr-namespace:<TheNameOfClrNameSpace>"


for ex: -


<Window xmlns=""
  xmlns:my = "clr-namespace:Lap"



i doin't think now, u'll face any problem ever with mapping the namespaces


Happy Coding


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