Friday, December 17, 2010

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WPF Perf and 3D - A New Fake Dimension

WPF has lured the public by showcasing the ultimate UI rendering capabilities....


GLASS, Bitmap effects, Brushes, 3D, Animation almost every sort of UI related tech. is mapped in the WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation).

as this is just a blog  post i won't go into detail over how WPF works, but would tell you a punch line "WPF bypasses the UI related work directly to Graphic Processor (your graphic card)".


you might ask, what if it doesn't ? / what happens if my super powerful / ultra speedy CPU does it, won't that do ?


answer is Dear, your Graphic processor is especially meant for it, the point was Windows applications were not being able to make use of it, you could have used it earlier, but then go on use GDI / DirectX....that unmanaged kinda sucks




Answer - dudes, it has certain algorithms as hardware logic on the Graphic board, which does some really complex calculations, that if you leave them to a software process (CPU), they might take 100% more time for getting rendered.


So, now you've got WPF .....


A Dev - "Alright Brij...I'll start coding my new Racing Game in WPF, 3D is there, ANimation is there...what else, and easily programmable....."


Brij - "Boss! it ain't possible first, second you'll require 3 times more better Machines to run the game thus developed"


"Then what WPF is there for"


WPF - is just a UI development tool for win apps, and the animations or such vital gaming operations are not clock bound for WPF, WPF reaches direct to conclusion if the animations are not done in given time, your animation will be skipped to reach the conclusion of storyboard.


We just couldn't even expect photorealism from a WPF scene, no matter how hard youw work.....some things are missing, and they are indeed missed to achieve the goal of performance - How many times do MS had to tell people, it ain't made for GAMES


Well, i'll talk some solid points related to WPF 3D, and it's perf. one by one in the next post meanwhile, if you are ineterested check out the given links to know more about WPF and 3D technologies.....a whole series is coming up just stay tight....i can assure the series won't just be a repetition of these links....they will have more details then these links.....


The best whitepaper over WPF perf. yet


The WPF 3D team blog


The Hardware knowledge for better rendering in WPF


Here is the plan for my upcmoing posts


1. Ecosystem of applications for 3D developement in WPF.

2. Know how of 3D, and some key functions / algorithms

3. Hardware required / and WPF competence in Computer Graphics (3d, animations)


meanwhile i prepare my contents for these posts, i'll also write up some posts about the contents that people sometime forget to use while coding with WPF.

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