Saturday, January 7, 2012

When Mac app store says Lion Installed, but its not installed

Recently by mistake, i ended up corrupting the lion installation, and now when I opened the lion it said installed, but it wasn't installed.
Looked at a lot of places some said , "click alt-option button while launching app store and everything will be fine" while it didn't worked for me.

The catch is to remove the application "Install Lion" from your applications folder first, you can search it from spotlight, and then launch the app store {now you may use alt-option button, just keep it pressed while you launch the app store, and voila! you will be able to download lion now.

One more thing, lot of people were worried on forums, that the before you install the button says "Buy" but actually if you have bought it once, you won't need to pay for every time you download, so feel free to download it as many times as you want it to.

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