Thursday, March 31, 2016

Bash! on Windows !!!!

Imagine yourself as someone who went in coma say in 2010 and woke up this morning, not much would have changed for you, there are mobile phones, drones (that’s new) and a couple other stuff that your mind would adjust too. You open your laptop and see the first technews as something like this – Bash comes on Windows !

What ! that’s impossible, Last time you checked these were 2 different worlds; the only exceptions were a minix console or a cygwin implementation, or install a full linux VM for yourself and if you are on ubuntu you can opt for the hideous Wine to get yourself flavor of MS Office.

Some of us, who really believe it’s a very difficult thing to do, considering the underlying structures are just too different to be able to just map, its another thing to map a DIR command to LS but its a different ballgame to map devices to file structures.

Note - The implementation is as official as it gets, MS has implemented it with Canonical as partner.

Well here are a few things to expect before it actually comes in our hands.
  • Its not a Virtual Machine running in Windows.
  • All linux tools – awk, sed, grep, vi, vim, emacs e.t.c will run as they run on Linux
  • Yes, APT-GET will work the way it works with Windows
  • You’ll be able to run tools like Redis and Memcache on your windows machine, and use them with your asp .net and .net apps
  • Manage your filesystem from Bash itself, its much easier to control from my POV.
I am not too sure if we’ll be able to manage the users of the system from here itself, but optimistic that it better does and run the windows in headless mode like a linux box and offcourse SSH in it Smile
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