Friday, April 22, 2016

Hygiener- IOT Hack

Last week had the chance to participate in a hack with fellow Microsoft’ians at an internal hack event. Our team had four participants – Manish Sharma, Deepthi Anatharaman, Shubham Kumar and yours truly. The hack was around the concepts of  IOT, Azure IOT Hub, Azure Machine learning, Power BI and Azure Data factory.
Our topic was ‘Hygiener’ – A product that aims at finding the hygiene index of a workplace by placing sensors at Doors and on the Disinfectant bottles, Sensors send information about how many times the door was operated to get inside/outside the workplace/Washrooms/Hospital Wards, and how many times the dis-infectant bottle may have been used by finding if a person’s hands were too near the bottle. The data is sent to Azure IOT Hub, where the stream analytics Jobs make sense of data and sends it over to SQL from where the Power BI Reporting could show views over this data. Additionally the raw data is dumped in Azure Data lake for further analytics. A Machine learning implementation on top of the same data can reveal interesting insights like predictive Hygiene Index, or if one can gather the relative attendance in the workplace, Machine learning models can also suggest how attendance will fares against the hygiene index of the workplace.